• On 14 November 1990, Wednesday, my dad has produced the semen that will be half of me soon.
  • 29 November 1990, my mom ad her last menstrual cycle and started building up the egg, that will be the other half of me.
  • 14 December 1990, my mom's egg is ready to build to the other half of me.
  • Saturday, 15 December 1990, as my "first day alive", because this is when I'm a living entity,  an embryo. Congratulations!
  • 29 December 1990, my mom would have suspected that she is pregnant. She is not very sure yet but she is suspicious.
  • 5 January 1991, Saturday is also important in that, my heart has pumped for the first time today.
  • Then, Friday, 20 September 1991, taraaaaaa! I'm born to a cruel world. Hey, lil buddy! Enjoy this life which was a big journey from day minus 310 to today. :))

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